Dad Marries Daughter After Allegedly Killing Man Together

A West Virginia man admitted to police that he married one of his two daughters after helping both of them kill another man and dump him in a shallow grave, police said.

Larry Paul McClure, 55, said in a letter to state investigators that he and his daughters, 31-year-old Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure and 32-year-old Anna Marie Choudhry, planned the murder of John McGuire, who was dating Amanda, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported.

A West Virginia State Police officer testified in a recent court hearing that the three hit McGuire in the head with a bottle of wine, tied him up and injected him with two vials of meth.

They then strangled him to death and buried him in a shallow grave on the property of a home they were staying. In his admission letter, McClure wrote the murder was his daughter Amanda’s idea.

Police said that Amanda and her father allegedly went to Virginia and married each other at the United Methodist Church. Larry McClure and Amanda then had sex with each other at the house where they murdered McGuire, the report said.

Source: Sordid details emerge: Suspect confesses; father, daughter marry after murder | News |

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