BREAKING: California Woman Arrested, Accused of Selling Mercury-Tainted Skin Creams Across the U.S.

A woman in Tulare County, California, has been arrested on suspicion of selling tainted skin care creams, KTLA-TV reports.

Maria Estela Esparza Magallanes, 30, was arrested after an investigation by the FDA that involved an undercover agent buying products from the woman.

Magallanes is accused of selling the creams on Facebook, stating that they would lighten skin color, remove age spots and treat acne.

She reportedly told the undercover agent that the creams were made from natural ingredients, including rose water, bee pollen and “stem cells.” She faces a statutory maximum of 26 years in prison.

Source: Tulare County Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Selling Skin Creams Tainted With Mercury Across U.S. | KTLA

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