Florida Man Arrested After Punching Little League Umpire Over Disputed Call

A man in Lakeland, Florida, has been arrested after he punched a Little League Baseball umpire, WFLA-TV reports.

Alberto Escartin Ramos, 22, was attending a nephew’s baseball game when he had a disagreement with one of the umpire’s calls.

Ramos reportedly met the umpire outside the clubhouse after the game, where the disagreement continued. He began yelling at the umpire, who eventually asked him to leave the park.

Ramos responded by yelling that he would “kick his a–,” then punched the umpire in the face, according to the sheriff’s office.

He has been charged with one count of felony battery of a sports official.

Source: Lakeland man arrested for punching little league umpire in the face, police say | WFLA

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