Bank Teller Robs Customer After Large Cash Withdrawal

A bank teller has been arrested after allegedly going to an elderly customer’s home and trying to rob him of a large amount of cash he had just withdrawn from the bank.

Nathan Michael Newell, 19, of Bel Air, Maryland, was arrested after allegedly robbing and assaulting a 78-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman, police said.

Newell allegedly went to the customer’s residence on Monday night, forced his way into the home and began assaulting the elderly man. A second resident of the home, a 57-year-old woman, attempted to stop the assault but was also injured.

The suspect then ran upstairs searching for the money that was withdrawn from the bank he works at while the female ran to a nearby home to call police. Newell escaped before police arrived.

Surveillance video helped to identify Newell who was arrested at the bank 2 days later and was charged with home invasion, robbery, 1st and 3rd-degree burglary, and 1st and 2nd-degree assault. He is being held without bail. Newell has since been fired from the bank.

Source: A bank customer made a large withdrawal, then a teller went to their home to rob them

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