Writers Quit CBS Show Over Claims About Actress’s Husband

Two female writers have quit the show “Carol’s Second Act” starring actress Patricia Heaton over how CBS handled alleged harassment complaints against Heaton’s husband David Hunt. He is also the executive producer of the show.

The women felt that they were punished for complaining after new network policies were put in place after the firing of CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves and anchor Charlie Rose.

The New York Times reports that in September, 25-year-old Broti Gupta, a writer on “Carol’s Second Act,” made a formal complaint against Hunt. She claims that she was later penalized and eventually felt no choice but to leave the network.

A month later, Margee Magee, a 43-year-old writer and executive producer left after reporting concerns about Gupta’s treatment after the complaint. CBS told the New York Times that they had dealt with the complaints fairly and that Hunt, who is still at the network, had “cooperated fully with the process.”

Source: Two Female Writers Quit Patricia Heaton’s CBS Show After Making Complaints – The New York Times

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