Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Guards Offered a Plea Deal

The New York prison guards who were on duty when Jeffrey Epstein died could face criminal charges from the Justice Department after they turned down a plea deal.

People familiar with the matter told the Associated Press on Saturday that the two guards responsible for monitoring Epstein had declined the deal from federal prosecutors.

The offer of a deal indicated that the Justice Department may pursue criminal charges against the guards. Prosecutors wanted the guards to admit they had forged records, as it was believed they were not performing the proper routine checks on Epstein.

Federal prosecutors reportedly offered a plea deal to the two prison guards who were supposed to be watching alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein on the night he died in his New York jail cell, the Associated Press reports.

The offer suggests that the FBI is considering criminal charges in Epstein’s death, which the New York City medical examiner declared a suicide.

The correctional officers allegedly made up log entries to make it seem like they were checking on Epstein every thirty minutes. The plea deal reportedly included the two men admitting to falsifying the records.

The two men, who had been working overtime, have been placed on administrative leave as the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general investigate the circumstances in Epstein’s suicide in August. He had been awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

Source: AP sources: Jail guards at time of Epstein death reject deal

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