BREAKING: Protests Erupt in Iran After Government Raises Price of Gas by 50%

Protesters angry that Iran raised government-set gasoline prices by 50% on Thursday blocked traffic in major cities and fought with police after a night of demonstrations. At least one person has reportedly been killed.

The demonstrations have been largely peaceful but sometimes turn violent. Online videos reportedly show police officers firing teargas at protesters and groups of people setting fires. The protests show the anger among Iran’s population of 80 million who have seen their savings depleted, job scarcity and the collapse of the national currency.

The demonstrations took place in more than a dozen cities after Rouhani’s decision at midnight on Friday to cut gasoline subsidies to help support Iran’s poor. Gasoline in the country still remains among the cheapest in the world, with prices jumping to a minimum of 15,000 rials per liter of gas, up 50% from the day before.

Netblocks is confirming that internet service has been shut down in most of Iran since protests erupted.

Source: Protests erupt across Iran, burning banks, angry over gas prices – Middle East – Jerusalem Post

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