Two Indicted After Hundreds of Living and Dead Cats Found Inside Maryland Home

Officials in Baltimore County, Maryland, say that they have arrested two people after over 220 living and dead cats were found, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Garriott J. Cox, 53, and Pamela Arrington, 51, have been arrested and indicted after officials say that hundreds of cats, both dead and alive, were found inside their home.

Officials say that 74 dead cats, 150 live cats, two live dogs, and one unidentified dead animal were recovered from the Middle River home.

76 live cats and 15 dead cats were also recovered from a shed and detached garage Oct. 9, and the additional animals were recovered Oct. 17, after police were able to obtain a second search warrant.

Cox and Arrington were indicted on 63 counts of aggravated animal cruelty, animal cruelty, and failure to provide food, drink and care.

Source: More than 220 living and dead cats recovered from Middle River home; two residents indicted – Baltimore Sun

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