BREAKING: Student Arrested After Bringing Gun to School in Lancaster, California 

Officials say that a 15-year-old student has been arrested after he brought a gun to school in Lancaster, California.

Police say that the 15-year-old boy brought a gun to Antelope Valley High School on Friday, KABC-TV reports.

An investigation began when someone alerted school security that a student might have a weapon on school grounds. Security then notified the school resource deputy, who found the 15-year-old student had a handgun.

The student was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on school grounds. Officials say he had no plan to hurt himself or others, but had brought it for his own protection.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued the following statement:

“Students are reminded that bringing any weapon on campus is not only a violation of school policy, but also against the law. Parents, please talk to your students about the dangers of possessing weapons. Should your child feel unsafe or have any issues that are causing them to feel the need to protect themselves, school counselors, administrators and school resource deputies are all available to help resolve those issues.”

Source: 15-year-old student brings gun to Lancaster high school, officials say |

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