‘YouTube Mom’ Facing Child Abuse Charges Dies

A woman who ran a popular YouTube channel before being arrested and accused of abusing the children in the videos has died before she could stand trial, officials said.

Machelle Hobson, 48, died of “health conditions” at a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona, police said Tuesday. Hobson was arrested in March accused of dozens of child abuse charges after her foster children told police that they were starved and locked in closets for days, forced to sleep on the floor, and physically beaten for failing to remember their lines.

ABC15 reports that detectives found bottles of pepper spray at the home, which was allegedly used on the children’s genitals, according to court documents.

Hobson ran the “Fantastic Adventures” channel on YouTube, which had over 700,000 subscribers. The Pinal County Attorney’s Office told ABC15 that they will wait for an official death certificate before dismissing the charges against her.

Source: Official: ‘YouTube mom’ accused of abuse dies in Scottsdale

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