Three Indiana Judges Suspended for Drunken White Castle Fight

Three Indiana judges who were involved in a fight that left two of them shot at an Indianapolis White Castle have been suspended without pay after the Indiana Supreme Court decided they acted with judicial misconduct.

The court said that the judges Bradley Jacobs, Andrew Adams, and Sabrina Bell “engaged in judicial misconduct by appearing in public in an intoxicated state and behaving in an injudicious manner and by becoming involved in a verbal altercation.”

The Indianapolis Star reports that the court’s decision is from an incident in May at a White Castle in Indianapolis, where the three judges, described as being intoxicated, got in an altercation with two other men that turned violent and ended with Jacobs and Adams shot.

They both survived the shooting after undergoing surgery. The court criticized the judges for not removing themselves from the situation. Judge Adams was the only one to be charged with a crime, and he pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor battery in September.

Source: Judges shot in Indianapolis White Castle fight suspended without pay

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