Multiple People Arrested After Over 1,000 Bags of Heroin Seized in Massachusetts Drug Bust

Multiple people have been arrested after law enforcement seized over 1,000 bags of heroin in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Kenen Monsanto-Maldonado, 20, Nilsa Rosado, 41, and Ryan McNamee, 24, were arrested by Springfield police in connection to the drug bust, according to WWLP-TV.

The three were found with a combined 1,240 bags of heroin and more than $5,400 after police broke up a drug sale in a parking lot. 1,150 bags of heroin were found inside Monsanto-Maldonado’s car, while the rest was found in the possession of the other two.

McNamee and Rosado are both charged with Class A drug possession, while Monsanto-Maldonado was charged with heroin trafficking, Class A drug distribution, and operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

Six others were arrested in the city earlier this month after over 1,300 bags of heroin were found in their possession.

Source: Over 1,000 bags of heroin seized in Springfield leads to three arrest | WWLP

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