Massachusetts Firefighter Dies Trying to Save Crew from Burning Home

A firefighter in Worcester, Massachusetts, has died after he tried to save members of his crew from a burning multi-family home.

Worcester Fire Department Lt. Jason Menard, 39, was helping respond to reports of a baby possibly trapped inside of the burning building. The blaze grew to a four-alarm fire, with a crew issuing a mayday call on the third floor.

Mernard was able to help two crew members escape from the building, but was unable to get out himself.

“Lt. Menard along with his crew from Ladder 5 were making heroic efforts to search for a reported trapped resident along with the baby. While gaining entry to the third floor, Ladder 5 became trapped by heavy fire conditions,” Worcester Fire Department Chief Michael Lavoie said.

“Lt. Menard heroically and selflessly saved his crew, helping a probationary firefighter to the stairs and then returning to help another trapped firefighter, helping him out the window. Fire conditions overtook the third floor at this time, and Lt. Menard was unable to escape.”

Source: Worcester Fire Department Lt. Jason Menard dies battling 4-alarm blaze

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