‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Arrested

“Blue Bloods” actor and hip-hop musician Eric Barrier arrested on October 28 on a 17-year-old warrant, according to NJ.com. Barrier, 56, allegedly became aware of the arrest warrant last month while he was being questioned by state police in Vermont.

NJ.com reports that Barrier pleaded guilty in January 2002 to aggravated assault and resisting arrest related to an incident in Ridgefield Park. On March 8, 2002, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court for his sentencing.

Barrier’s lawyer said to the court last week that at the time, Barrier was told he did not need to appear at his sentencing hearing.

The lawyer also said that Barrier’s previous lawyer told him “that his case was ‘dismissed’ because he was accepted into PTI (pre-trial intervention).” He claims that the actor never received a notice about his failure to appear in court. He added that his client is “literally at wits end and overcome with anxiety.”

Source: Exclusive: ‘Blue Bloods’ actor, hip-hop legend Eric B. jailed in N.J. on warrant from 17 years ago – nj.com

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