Arkansas Paramedic Arrested After Reportedly Stealing a Diamond Ring from a Dead Patient

A paramedic in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has been arrested after she allegedly stole a diamond ring from a dead patient.

Lisa Darlene Graze, 50, reportedly responded to a medical emergency for Gloria Robinson in October. Robinson later died after being taken to the hospital by Graze and her crew, the Sentinel-Record reported.

After her personal effects were given to family members, Robinson’s sisters noticed that her diamond ring was missing and were given no answer as the paramedic walked away.

Glaze reportedly sold a diamond solitaire ring at a local pawn shop for $45 a few days later, which resulted in an employee notifying police that it had appeared to have been cut off.

She has been charged with a felony county of theft by receiving over $5,000, and a misdemeanor count of unlawful transfer of stolen property to a pawn shop.

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