Virginia Doctor Accused of Performing Hysterectomies Without Patients’ Consent

A Virginia doctor has been charged with illegally performing hysterectomies after he reportedly did the procedure on multiple patients without their consent, according to NBC News.

Javaid Perwaiz, 69, has been arrested and charged with health care fraud and making false statements to federal investigators.

The Chesapeake doctor is accused of performing the procedure on several patients without their consent, as well as reportedly attempting to intimidate them into the surgery by suggesting that they may get cancer if it was not performed.

Perwaiz reportedly lost his admitting privileges in 1982 at a hospital in nearby Portsmouth for performing unnecessary surgeries and poor clinical judgement.

He has faced eight malpractice suits, including allegations he caused permanent injuries to three patients and life-threatening injuries to two others and failed to use techniques that were not invasive.

Source: Virginia doctor allegedly performed hysterectomies, tied fallopian tubes without consent

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