Former NBC Executive Who Championed “Seinfeld” Dies

Rick Ludwin, the former NBC executive who championed “Seinfeld,” has reportedly died at the age of 71.

Ludwin, who was integral in giving the iconic sitcom a chance with NBC, reportedly died in Los Angeles over the weekend following a brief illness.

His death was confirmed Monday by his nephew, Dan Ludwin, who said, “He was one of the lucky ones who always knew what he wanted, from a very young age, and he not only got to do it, he was extremely good at it.”

Ludwin held several positions during his long tenure at NBC, but he is perhaps best known for commissioning and lobbying for “The Seinfeld Chronicles,” the 1989 comedy pilot that became “Seinfeld.”

He retired from NBC in 2012.

Source: Rick Ludwin, NBC executive who championed ‘Seinfeld,’ dies at 71 –

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