BREAKING: Influential California Health Care Organization Chairman Dies

Bernard J. Tyson, the chairman of health care giant Kaiser Permanente, has reportedly died at the age of 60.

Tyson reportedly died unexpectedly in his sleep, according to the company.

He has worked for the Oakland, California, based company for over three decades, beginning in the medical records department. He later held several executive positions before being named chief executive in 2013 and chairman the year after that.

Kaiser Permanente was among the first health systems to invest in technology to better manage the care it delivered, spending billions of dollars to develop electronic health records.

Tyson was known for being outspoken about bringing down health-care costs, specifically targeting the current system that pays hospitals and doctors more when they provide more care, regardless of how much a patient may need it.

Source: Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman of Health Care Giant, Dies at 60 – The New York Times

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