7-Year-Old Boy Clings to Life After Falling 9 Floors From Apartment Window

A child with special needs is in critical condition in a Bronx, New York, hospital after he fell out a ninth-floor window. The window the boy fell from has an air conditioning unit in it, with a guard only on one side. Cardboard was covering the space police believe the boy got through to fall nine stories on Saturday.

Residents of other apartments on the floor heard the boy’s family members screaming. Rescuers had to get past a construction fence to get to the critically injured boy, who was found on a patch of grass.

One neighbor says he saw the boy after the fall and that he appeared to be conscious. He was rushed to the hospital and had surgery for a severe head injury. A neighbor said that the boy’s parents are attentive and caring, saying they were both home when the accident occurred.

Source: 7-year-old boy clings to life after plummeting 9 floors from apartment window – ABC News

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