Three New York Middle Schoolers Arrested in Plot to Attack School

Three middle school students who allegedly planned to attack their middle school in upstate New York have been charged, officials said.
The alleged threat was at Albion Middle School in Albion.

The threat was reported to a school staff member on Monday afternoon, according to Albion police. Three students, who allegedly communicated through the messaging app Discord, had set a date to plan to kill or injure students with explosives and guns, police said. Police said the threat as credible, but not imminent. They did disclose the date the students had planned for the attack.

The three students, all under 16 years old, are charged with second-degree conspiracy, police said. The pan for the attack was allegedly initiated after one student was upset over being “shunned” by a classmate, police reported. Specific students were not targeted.

Source: Three New York middle schoolers charged in connection to a foiled attack on their school

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