College Staff Attorney Resigns After Using N-Word During Free-Speech Event

A University of North Texas attorney resigned Friday less than 24 hours after she used a racial slur while giving examples of free speech at an event called “When Hate Comes to Campus.”

Assistant general counsel Caitlin Sewell was speaking in a panel discussion Thursday when she used the N-word word, The Houston Chronicle reported.

“You know, you can say a lot of offensive things in here because it’s impossible to talk about the First Amendment without saying horrible things,” she said in front of an audience. “Um, you know, ‘You’re just a dumb n—– and I hate you.’ That alone, that’s protected speech.”

Several members of the audience became angry, questioning Sewell about why she would choose to say the N-word but then later censor herself instead of using the F-word. The president of the school’s Black Student Union called for Sewell’s resignation and by Friday morning she had resigned.

Source: University of North Texas attorney resigns after using racial slur in hate speech presentation –

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