Anonymous Facebook Employees Allege Racism Within Company

An anonymous memo that alleges racism at Facebook is reportedly being discussed within the company, Business Insider reports. The memo which was published Thursday on Medium describes the experiences of a dozen past and present Facebook employees who claimed to have encountered racism among their co-workers and higher-ups.

“While eating breakfast, two white employees asked me to clean up after their mess. I am a program manager,” one account in the memo read. “I told my manager about the incident. She told me I need to dress more professionally.” Another individual claimed that she approached HR about discrimination happening on their team, but they were only told: “there is no bias at Facebook.”

The memo also has screenshots of an app called Blind, which allows employees to anonymously post experiences. The screenshots include a comment claiming the black population is less intelligent than other races, and a poll asking if black people “just like to complain” about their treatment.

Link to Memo Posted on Medium

Source: Anonymous memo alleging racism at Facebook circulates inside company – Business Insider

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