BREAKING: Hundreds Evacuated from Business in Tampa, Florida, Following Bomb Threat

A bomb threat has forced the evacuation of 300 employees from a business in Tampa, Florida.

Computer Generated Solutions in Tampa was evacuated Friday afternoon after a bomb threat was called in to the business. According to the sheriff’s office, an anonymous person called and said, “you have four minutes and 29 seconds to get out of the building or it blows up.” Deputies immediately responded to the scene, evacuated about 300 employees from the building and secured the area.

Law enforcement say that they have swept the scene and found nothing suspicious and have allowed employees to reenter the building.

“We are relieved that this threat was not credible and I am proud of the quick response and thorough search performed by my deputies,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said. “Not only are threats like this a huge disruption to business, they also cause unnecessary fear and panic for innocent people involved. I can’t say it enough, making a fake threat is not a joke and anyone caught doing it will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

Source: Bomb threat forces 300 employees to be evacuated from Tampa business

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