Several Arrested After Over 1,300 Bags of Heroin Seized in Massachussetts Drug Bust

Officials say that several people have been arrested after over 1,300 bags of heroin were seized in a Springfield, Massachusetts drug bust.

Law enforcement say that 29-year-old Jammal Williams, 27-year-old Keiarra Murphy, 22-year-old Charles Kennedy, 32-year-old Harold Wilson, 32-year-old Luis Tiburcio, and 23-year-old Dante Baldwin were all arrested at a home in Springfield. Detectives served a warrant at the home, finding two illegal firearms, approximately 205 grams of cocaine, 1335 bags of heroin, $14,574 and a large bag of marijuana inside a car that was at the home.

All six have been charged with drug-related crimes.

Source: 1300+ bags of heroin seized after narcotics investigation in Springfield, six arrested | WWLP

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