North Korean Fishermen Suspected of Killing 16 Crew Members

Three North Korean fishermen allegedly killed 16 fellow crew members, including their captain, officials said Thursday.

Two of the killers, in their 20s, were captured in their boat south of the eastern sea border between South and North Korea last Saturday, Seoul’s Unification Ministry said. South Korean officials soon discovered that the men had murdered their captain and killing 15 other crew members to hide the crime.

When their boat was stopped in South Korea’s waters, they said they wanted to resettle there but investigators found out that they were trying to avoid arrest. The pair were deported back to North Korea. It is the first time that South Korea has deported a North Korean national since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War.

Source: North Korean fishermen ‘killed 16 colleagues’ before fleeing to South – BBC News

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