Hawaiian Man Dies After Falling into Lava Tube

An elderly man died after falling into a lava tube on his property in Hilo, Hawaii, police said.

The man was reported missing after he wasn’t heard from or seen in several days, according to police. When they went to his home in Kaumana on Monday they discovered the man had fallen 22 feet below the surface through a soft area of ground on his property into a lava tube, according to a press release.

According to the US Geological Survey, lava tubes are natural channels through which lava travels beneath the surface. Tubes form by crusting over of lava channels. Police said that it appeared the man had been trimming branches when he fell through the soft ground.
Rescue teams were able to rappel into the lava tube and bring the man back up.

Source: Hawaii man falls into lava tube in his yard, dies – The Washington Post

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