BREAKING: NYPD Officer and Several Other NYPD Employees Arrested in Massive Insurance Fraud Scheme

A New York Police Department officer is among 27 people arrested in a massive insurance fraud scheme, according to federal agents.

Officer Yaniris Deleon was taken into custody by federal agents yesterday, federal officials said Thursday. He is among 27 people who were arrested in the scheme, alongside four 911 operators and a supervisor, as well as nurses at New York City hospitals.

The defendants are accused of selling scammers names, phone numbers and confidential information about car crash victims they had access to as part of their jobs. The names, addresses and contact numbers for about 60,000 crash victims were steered to the scam artists over the last five years, officials said.

Source: NYPD cop among 27 arrested in massive $18 million insurance fraud scam: feds – New York Daily News

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