BREAKING: Possible Hijacking Reported at Dutch Airport

UPDATE 2: Air Europa says that the hijacking alert issued from the plane was a false alarm. There were no threats made to the flight and passengers were waiting for takeoff at the time of the alert.

UPDATE: All passengers and crew have been evacuated from the plane safely, according to NOS. Military police are still investigating the incident.

A large security response has been reported at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol amid reports of a possible hijacking.

Royal Netherlands Marechaussee forces are reportedly investigating a situation aboard a plane in Amsterdam, but have declined to provide further details. Local Dutch media has reported that a crew member on the plane has activated a hijacking alert for the plane, however officials have yet to confirm this.

The flight in question is a departing Air Europe flight, per NOS, a Dutch news outlet.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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