BREAKING: Former Twitter Employees Charged with Spying for Saudi Arabia 

Two former Twitter employees have reportedly been charged with spying for Saudi Arabia.

The charges, announced Wednesday in San Francisco, allege that the two former employees spied on the accounts of people critical of the country. Ahmad Abouammo, a U.S. citizen allegedly spied on the accounts of three users, including one whose posts discussed the inner workings of the Saudi leadership, was arrested yesterday.

Ali Alzabarah, a Saudi citizen has been accused of accessing the personal information of more than 6,000 Twitter accounts in 2015 on behalf of Saudi Arabia. Included in those accounts was the account of Omar Abdulaziz, who later became close to Jamal Khashoggi.

A third individual, Saudi citizen Ahmed Almutairi, has also been charged after he allegedly acted as an intermediary between Saudi officials and the Twitter employees.

Source: Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by digging into the accounts of kingdom critics – The Washington Post

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