Teenager Addicted to Video Games Dies After Marathon Session 

A teenager in Thailand has reportedly died after a gaming session that lasted several nights.

Piyawat Harikun, 17, was discovered Monday by his father at his northern Thailand home in Udon Thani. He was discovered with food containers littered around him and window curtains all drawn. The teen, a Thai Air Force Officer, was reportedly addicted to video games according to his father, and had promised to reduce the amount of long sessions that he was doing. Medics pronounced the teen dead later in the day, ruling that he died from a stroke apparently caused by his prolonged computer session.

“I tried to warn him about his relentless long hours playing games and he promised to reduce it, but it was too late,” Jaranwit Piyawat said. “He had already died before he had a chance to change.”

Source: Teen video game addict dies after marathon session: report

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