BREAKING: U.S. Citizens Killed, Kidnapped in Cartel Shootout in Mexico

At least six children and three women living in a community of U.S. citizens in Mexico were shot to death Monday and several others were reportedly kidnapped after their convoy came under fire during an ambush believed to have been carried out by gunmen associated with organized crime in Mexico.

The attacked were members of the LeBaron family, well-known in the fundamentalist community in the northern part of the country for decades, according to The New York Times. Kenny LeBaron, a cousin to several of the victims, told the Times he feared the death toll could increase.

More than a dozen other members of La Mora, part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, were missing after the attack on the convoy of three SUVs, a relative said. Some believe that the killings could have been a case of mistaken identity. They may also have been the intended target because two members of the family opposed to local drug trafficking groups were kidnapped and murdered, according to the Times.

Source: At Least 9 Members of Mormon Family in Mexico Are Killed in Ambush – The New York Times

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