Amazon Hands Over Audio From Two Echo Devices in Florida Murder Case

Police in Hallandale Beach, Florida, think that two Amazon Echo devices might have captured audio evidence of a murder, and have obtained recordings from Amazon, according to a search warrant.

Hallandale Beach Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Pedro Abut confirmed to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that they received some material from Amazon. “We did receive recordings, and we are in the process of analyzing the information that was sent to us.” He said that he couldn’t discuss the content of the recordings.

Police said Silvia Galva Crespo and her husband, Adam Crespo, got in a fight on the night of July 12, which led to her death. Adam Crespo told police that as he tried to pull her off a bed during an argument, she grabbed onto a spear with a 12-inch blade to keep herself on the bed. As he tried to pull her off the bed he said the blade was in her chest. He was charged with her murder. Detectives asked a judge to order Amazon to turn over anything recorded by two Amazon Echos in the home.

Source: Alexa, is he guilty of murder? Amazon device may have heard slaying, cops say – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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