Lacrosse Captain Arrested After Nearly Disemboweling Roommate

A St. John’s University lacrosse captain stabbed and nearly disemboweled his roommate during an argument, police said. Matthew Stockfeder, 21, is facing assault charges for a stabbing inside a home near campus early Tuesday morning.

The argument began Monday night when 23-year-old Justin Corpolongo got home and complained that Stockfeder’s music was too loud, the New York Daily News reports. Police said Stockfeder went to another house and texted Corpolongo throughout the night to make fun of him.

Corpolongo went to the house around Midnight where the two began wrestling on the ground. Stockfeder then allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Corpolongo, puncturing his small intestine, according to the complaint. The victim didn’t know he was stabbed until he realized that his “intestines were coming out,” police said. Stockfeder surrendered to police Wednesday morning.

Source: St. John’s lacrosse captain nearly guts his roommate

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