BREAKING: Explosion and Large Fire Reported at a Refinery in Rodeo, California

A large fire has reportedly broken out following an explosion at a refinery in Rodeo, California.

At least two tanks have been seen on fire at the refinery, sending black smoke billowing into the sky. People near the scene at the time of the incident say that they heard an explosion before flames broke out. A shelter-in-place has been ordered for the surrounding area.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

“There is a hazardous materials emergency in Crockett and Rodeo at the Nu Star facility. The danger will be much less indoors. Go inside, and close all windows and doors. Turn off all heaters, air conditioners, and fans. Unless you are using your fireplace, close your fireplace dampers and vents. Cover any cracks around doors or windows with tape or damp towels. Stay off the phone unless you need to report a life-threatening emergency at your location. Remain sheltered indoors until you receive further official instructions. Stay off the phones and do not call 9 1 1 unless you have a life threatening emergency.”

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Source: Explosion, fire at refinery in Rodeo | KRON4

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