Oxygen-Dependent California Man Dies 12 Minutes After PG&E Cuts Power

A Northern California man who was dependent on an oxygen supply died Wednesday, shortly after power cuts by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. affected his home, fire officials said Friday.

Robert Mardis, 67, died about 12 minutes after the power was cut to his home. An autopsy report said the man died of severe coronary artery atherosclerosis.

Paramedics responded to a call around 3:40 a.m. and found Mardis unresponsive on the floor of his home. He was found wearing a nasal cannula, used for oxygen and was hooked up to a PPAP machine for that purpose. His family told Fox 40 he couldn’t reach his battery-powered tank in time.

PG&E cut power for many of its customers beginning Wednesday to prevent high winds from bringing down power lines, which could cause wildfires.

Source: Pollock Pines Family Says Man Died When Oxygen Tank Lost Power during PG&E Shut-Off | FOX40

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