Man Found Guilty of Raping Own Daughter, Fathering 6 Children

A man has been found guilty of raping his own daughter and fathering at least six children with her over a 20-year period, Wales Online reported.

The Wales man cannot be identified to protect his victims. He was also found guilty of repeatedly raping another one of his daughters.
He had denied the 36 counts of rape and one of sexual assault but was found guilty on all charges. The man had fathered “at least” six children with his daughter, who said she became pregnant with her first baby at the age of 14.

She said her father had told her he wanted to “teach” her how to have sex so she would know what to do with boyfriends. She didn’t report the attacks to police until last year.

Source: Dad accused of fathering children with his own daughter found guilty of 36 counts of rape – Wales Online

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