BREAKING: President of a Texas-Based Beverage Company Charged with Obstruction of Justice

The president of the Texas-based beverage company Earthwater has reportedly been indicted for obstruction of justice.

Beth Ellen DeGroot, 59, has been charged with two counts of obstruction of justice. Harley E. Barnes III and five others had been previously indicted by a grand jury for their alleged roles in a high-yield investment fraud scheme involving EarthWater.  The company manufactured and sold bottled water that it claimed was infused with special minerals mined from an 80-million-year-old deposit hidden in a secret location.

DeGroot is accused of corruptly attempted to obstruct, influence and impede the ongoing investigation by misleading the grand jury and federal law enforcement about her receipt of funds from Barnes.

Source: President of Texas-Based Beverage Company Indicted for Obstruction of Justice | OPA | Department of Justice

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