BREAKING: New Details Revealed in the Death of Key Amber Guyger Trial Witness

Joshua Brown, a key witness in former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger’s trial who died shortly after, was reportedly killed in a drug deal gone wrong.

Brown was killed after an argument with one of three men from Louisiana who had come to Dallas to complete a drug deal. The two got into an altercation that ended with Brown getting shot twice, killing him. Police have since obtained a search warrant and recovered 12 pounds of marijuana, 143 grams of THC cartridges, and $4,000 in cash from Brown’s apartment.

There are currently arrests warrants for the three men, including Michael Diaz Mitchell, 32, who was driving the car that the men arrived in. He is the only suspect currently in custody and is expected to be charged with capital murder.

Source: Joshua Brown, the slain Amber Guyger trial witness, was killed in a drug deal gone wrong, police say – CNN

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