BREAKING: U.S. Pastor Arrested in Rwanda

A U.S. pastor currently in Rwanda has reportedly been arrested for criticizing the government for “heathen practices.”

Rev. Gregg Schoof is one of several evangelical pastors who have criticized the country’s government for allowing access to abortion and birth control, and for teaching evolution. He was detained and charged Monday with “disturbing the public order” for trying to hold a news conference without permission, according to a Rwandan spokesperson.

Rev. Schoof reportedly moved him and his family to the country 16 years ago, establishing a Baptist church and Amazing Grace Christian Radio. Rwanda has refused to renew his current visa.

“I did not come here to fight the government. I came to preach the Gospel,” Schoof said in a statement he brought to what he had billed as a final news conference. “But this government has taken a stand against God with its heathen practices.”

Source: U.S. Pastor Arrested in Rwanda Has Criticized Government for ‘Heathen Practices’ – The New York Times

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