Florida Woman Arrested After Hiding in a Store’s Ceiling for Hours to Avoid Being Caught for Shoplifting

A Florida woman has been arrested after she reportedly hid in a store’s ceiling for six hours to avoid being caught for shoplifting.

Kristina Perkins, 37, was inside a Big Lots store after an employee suspected her of shoplifting. She eventually went into a bathroom, where she blocked the door and climbed into the ceiling. Employees began removing roof tiles, but were unable to get the woman to come down. Eventually police arrived and briefly searched before deciding to wait for the woman. She was eventually arrested after climbing down shelves.

Perkins is charged with Felony Criminal Mischief, Petit Theft (3rd Offense, Felony), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting a Merchant, and Resisting Law Enforcement without Violence.

Source: Deputies: Florida woman hides in store’s ceiling for six hours to try to avoid shoplifting arrest

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