BREAKING: BBC News Journalist Dies at Age 27

BBC News journalist Hanna Yusuf has reportedly died at the age of 27.

Yusuf, who had also worked as a TV news producer, reportedly died last week, according to the news organization. She spoke six languages, including Somali and Arabic, and worked with, among others, whistleblowers and victims of serious crime in many of her investigations. Her cause of death was not given.

In a statement, Yusuf’s family said the death of their “beloved daughter, sister and niece” had come as a shock and have asked for privacy.

“Many will know Hanna for her incredible contributions to journalism and for her work at the BBC. While we mourn her loss, we hope that Hanna’s legacy will serve as an inspiration and beacon to her fellow colleagues and to her community and her meaningful memory and the people she has touched for many years lives on,” they said.

Source: Tributes paid after BBC News journalist Hanna Yusuf dies aged 27 – BBC News

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