Couple Finds Out Home Was Used as Meth Lab After Fetus Tests Positive For Drugs

A Missouri couple said they learned their dream house was once used as a meth lab after their fetus tested positive for amphetamines.

Elisha Hessel said she couldn’t believe the results of her recent blood test, which found traces of drugs in her and her unborn baby’s system. “When they called me, I didn’t know what that meant,” Hessel told KSDK-TV. “So, I asked the nurse if that meant like, drugs in general. She basically just said ‘yes’ and asked me if I could explain that.”

After speaking to neighbors, the couple found out that the home they bought six years ago was the problem. They tested the house and found dangerous amounts of amphetamines present, they said. The couple even found their address on Jefferson County’s list of 2013 meth lab seizures. An expert told the couple it would cost about $100,000 to clean up the home.

Source: These parents had no clue they were living in a former meth lab, now the mom-to-be has tested positive for meth |

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