Colombian Drug Kingpin Sentenced in Federal Bribery Case

A Colombian drug kingpin has been sentenced to prison in a federal bribery case.

Jose Bayron Piedrahita-Ceballos, 60, had been accused of offering and giving things of value to Christopher Ciccione II, 54, a former federal law enforcement agent. In exchange, for Ciccione used his official position to cause the dismissal of a drug trafficking indictment against Piedrahita-Ceballos. The bribe also allowed him to obtain official authorization for Piedrahita-Ceballos to enter the U.S.

Ceballos was sentenced to 27 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release.

Source: Colombian Narcotics Kingpin Sentenced to Prison for Bribing Former Federal Agent to Dismiss Indictment | OPA | Department of Justice

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