New York Judge Resigns After Posting “Make America Great Again” Message with a Noose on Facebook

A New York judge has reportedly resigned after he posted a “Make America Great Again” message with a noose on Facebook.

Kyle R. Canning, who was a part-time judge in Altona, N.Y., was charged over a social media post that allegedly “conveyed racial and/or political bias,” state officials said. The post allegedly showed a photo of a noose, along with the statement “IF WE WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN WE WILL HAVE TO MAKE EVIL PEOPLE FEAR PUNISHMENT AGAIN.”

“They have presented me with several different options in resolving what they claim to be a serious offense,” Canning said in a resignation letter, according to The Washington Post. “I feel as though, due to my current financial situation and obligations to my family, I am being coerced into resigning.”

Source: NY judge resigns after allegedly posting ‘Make America Great Again’ message with noose: officials | TheHill

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