Mom Who Tried to Poison Her Kids With Nyquil Gets Probation

Franklin, Tennessee, mother received probation after being accused of the attempted murder of her three children. Nelsondra Watson pled guilty on Wednesday to three counts of “attempted adulteration of food or liquid” for attempting to poison her children’s drinks with a mix of NyQuil and Lexapro in April 2018.

Two of her children were adults and one was a minor at the time of the incident. All three children survived. Watson called a doctor as soon as they regained consciousness. The doctor then called police.

Watson was indicted on the charges of attempted murder. She pled guilty to tampering with food or drink but her children said they think she’s not guilty. They said that they believed a change in her medication could have made her try to kill them. The court agreed and concluded that her depression came from the medication.

Source: Tennessee mom pleads guilty to attempting to poison her children | WTVC

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