BREAKING: South Florida Teen Arrested After Posting Video Appearing to Threaten Local Schools, Including Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

A teenager in South Florida has been arrested after he posted a video to social media appearing to threaten several local schools.

The teenager, who was not identified, posted the video wearing a Christopher Columbus High School T-shirt and listening to a rap song about shooting up schools. The video shows the names of several schools, including Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, with the sound of gunshots can be heard as the teen motions with his hand as if it were a gun, shooting towards the name of each school.

Columbus High School issued the following statement in response to the arrest:

“Christopher Columbus High School is fully investigating an incident involving a student and the making of an inappropriate, offensive, and unacceptable music video. We have met with and are continuing to be in contact with everyone involved, including law enforcement.

“As a school, we take this matter very seriously and do not condone this type of behavior. There has been full cooperation from all parties involved. The matter is being handled appropriately.  As always, the security and safety of our students is our utmost priority.”

Source: Columbus student arrested after posting video threatening…

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