Illinois Teen Wakes up Thinking Each Day Is June 11

An Illinois teenager wakes up every day thinking it’s June 11, 2019, the same day that she had a traumatic brain injury. Two hours later, her memory resets, and she’s back to where she started when she woke up.

On June 11, Horner was accidentally kicked in the head by another student who was crowd-surfing during a dance. At first, her doctors diagnosed it as a concussion and sent her home. Since then, Horner has had dozens of seizures and numerous hospital visits but doctors keep repeating there is nothing medically wrong with her.

Horner forgets everything at the start of the next two-hour cycle. She has to carry around all her school supplies with her at all times because she doesn’t remember where her locker assignment is.
Doctors say that she may never recover.

Source: “I’m not making memories,” Kirkwood teen’s memory resets every two hours |

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