BREAKING: Former Tennessee Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Sexually Assaulting Multiple Women While on Duty

A former police officer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting multiple women while on duty.

Desmond Logan, 38, formerly an officer with the Chattanooga Police Department, pleaded guilty in federal court to two counts of violating the civil rights of victims while performing his duties as a law enforcement officer. In one case, the former officer reportedly sexually assaulted one woman and, in a separate incident, entered the car of another victim and then refused to let her out.

As part of the plea deal, Logan also admitted to the sexual assault of two more female victims who were in his custody. In each of these two incidents, the defendant drove the victim in his squad car to a deserted area where he sexually assaulted them.

With his plea deal, Logan faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Source: Former Chattanooga Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault | OPA | Department of Justice

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