Potential Mass Shooting Averted in Texas

Police in Fort Worth, Texas, say they averted a potential mass shooting. They said they received a call from a father who claimed his 27-year-old son wanted to buy guns and go on a shooting rampage.

“He wanted to kill many people. He wanted to do something that was very similar that took place in the Midland-Odessa area and he basically wanted to mimic that,” Officer Buddy Calzada with the Fort Worth Police Department said. Police said the man went to several shops to buy guns.

He was denied the purchase of the guns because he failed background checks. The man then tried to buy a gun off the street. Police caught up with him first, just west of downtown Fort Worth. The man was diagnosed with several mental health issues and is at a local clinic receiving treatment.

Source: Fort Worth officers thwart potential mass shooting, police say | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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