BREAKING: Multiple Fatalities Reported After Ohio Cargo Plane Crash

Two people were killed early Wednesday when a cargo plane carrying auto parts crashed on approach to the Toledo Express Airport in Ohio, hitting numerous unoccupied vehicles and sparking a “significant fire,” officials said.

The plane crashed at about 2:37 a.m. in the deserted parking lot of a repair and towing company about a mile or two from the airport where it had been preparing to land, Joe Rotterdam, the manager of airport operations with the Lucas County Port Authority, said during a news conference.

The plane hit multiple unoccupied vehicles around the shop, which is within a half-mile from the Ohio Turnpike. There was no mayday call from the plane and the first call authorities received was about the crash itself, according to Rotterdam.

Source: 2 dead after cargo plane crashes near Toledo airport, erupts into flames | FOX59

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